Nancy Pelosi is going to HATE this … ha!

Sad isn’t it? That she would be upset that Americans are doing really well just because her party sucks at the whole economy thing. Maybe if she spent less time accusing the GOP of only catering to the rich and more time actually LISTENING to policies she disagrees with she might learn something.

Then again, it’s tough to teach an old dog new tricks, and she is one of the OLDEST dogs on the Hill.



It just proves how absolutely out of touch Nancy Pelosi is with actual Americans. $2000 is multiple house payments for some people, groceries, paying off debt, car payments or heck, even a vacation.

They can’t. Their whole agenda is based on the government doing everything for the people, and robbing them of their hard earned money to do it. Tax cuts and more money in Americans’ pockets is the opposite of what they want and what they believe in.

Sad, ain’t it?

Tells you how grossly they’ve been taxed, that the moment any relief was given their way, they were able to do more for their employees and their customers.

That’s how it’s supposed to work, Nancy.


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