This guy was in America for 30 years illegally and in all of that time, he didn’t make time to at least get a green card? And sorry CNN, but he is a criminal if he’s here illegally, that’s literally breaking the law.

We get it, it’s sad that this family is being separated but let’s not pretend he’s not responsible in some way for this situation.

Why should his case be looked at individually? Does she think he’s the only person who has been in this country illegally who is being deported? And honestly, they are allegedly only deporting illegal immigrants who have committed crimes on top of being here illegally … something more to this story than they’re reporting.

Gotta keep it dramatic and sad to support their narrative that Trump is a bid ol’ meanie head.

Oh, and just one other thing:

WEIRD right?

Where was CNN when Obama was breaking up families? Oh, that’s right, they were busy covering him dancing at some event.

Right? Even a green card, dude.

We’re surprised Obama hadn’t already deported this guy.

That could work.

The Left has made it abundantly clear that Mexico isn’t a sh*thole, so he should be fine, yup.


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