Members of the media complaining about the current media having a new set of rules that somehow protect Trump may be the most hilarious yet dumbest thing we have seen so far this year, and 2018 has already been seriously stupid.

If you can read both of Judd’s tweets without either laughing or mumbling WTF to yourself you’re better than we are.

Maybe that’s because you jagoffs freak out about the president choosing certain flavors of Starburst, and when there’s that much noise in the media we stop hearing you? Just spit-ballin’ here.

Shall we go through a list of scandals in the Obama administration that had little to no play?

  • IRS targeting Conservatives.
  • Arresting the producer of a video to blame for Benghazi
  • Being caught on a hot mic telling Putin he’d be more flexible after the election

If it wasn’t beneficial to Obama the media wasn’t interested in covering it so PLEASE spare us the preening about how the media of today is somehow protecting Trump. All they DO is bitch about the man 24/7.


She quickly became the villain. Way to go, media.

Don’t hold your breath.




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