A few days back, Jeff Flake in all his infinite wisdom took it upon himself to compare Trump to a mass-murdering dictator, Joseph Stalin.

This didn’t go over all that well and many people on both sides of the aisle took issue with Flake … including David Axelrod?


Even David thinks Flake is a … flake.

We think Bier might be giving Flake too much credit for thinking this deeply about his insult. Honestly, Flake hates Trump so much he likely compared him to one of the ugliest rulers he could think of like Stalin.

That or he realized calling Trump, Hitler was so 2017.


But even though Axelrod questioned the comparison, there were plenty of liberal green penises on the thread trying to convince him that TRUMP IS LIKE STALIN; and these people wonder why we make fun of them.

Sweet baby corn.

Millions of people did actually lose their insurance after the passage of Obamacare … we’re not sure which policy she’s referring to here (and odds are neither is she).

Shhhh … she’s rolling.

Sir, Obama deported more people than any other president.

You’re welcome.

History is such a fickle bitch.

It amazes us these people are able to tie their own shoes, let alone tweet stupid things like this.

You know what, we can’t even.


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