We knew there was a reason other than he turned into a giant bowl of useless Jello after the GOP primary that we didn’t like Chris Christie.

Check this crap out.

From NJ.com:

It’s now illegal in New Jersey to sell or possess a “bump stock,” the controversial firearm accessory allegedly used by the gunman in last year’s Las Vegas massacre.

Gov. Chris Christie, a Republican set to leave office Tuesday, signed a Democratic-sponsored bill Monday outlawing the devices, which can be affixed to semiautomatic rifles to allow them to fire bullets, mimicking automatic weapons.

Christie — who took action on more than 150 bills on his final full day in office — made no statement on the legislation (S3477/A5200), which takes effect immediately.

Anyone who owns a bump stock or “trigger crank” now has 90 days — until April 15 — to surrender the accessories to law enforcement authorities. Retailers who sell them have 30 days.

Don’t let the door hit ya’ where the good Lord split ya’, Christie.

Confiscation, as in surrendering your guns to the government.

Not to mention this is a direct violation of the Second Amendment.

But you be you, Christie.

Convenient and cowardly.

Christie’s legacy.


We see what he did here.

Don’t worry, they just want to confiscate the guns that go ‘pew pew pew.’

Wow, we really dodged a bullet with this guy.

Pun intended.


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