Several Democrats have claimed they will not attend Trump’s State of the Union because they think he’s a racist, or a sexist, or whatever new ‘ist’ they’ve decided to accuse the president of being at the time.

And they probably think this makes them look noble.

Dan Bongino summed up what it will really mean if Democrats don’t show up in one, blistering ‘letter-tweet.’

In other words, you will NOT be missed, Dems.

‘Go ahead you clowns, and sit this one out, we’ve got this.’ Sounds a lot like the adults are finally in charge, eh?

It’s not every day we can use a Backstreet Boys gif in a story … gold star!

They need to believe they’re saving people, and they also need those people to believe they’re saving them.

If the GOP threatened to sit out Obama’s SOTU, Dems would be screaming at the top of their lungs that these legislators weren’t doing their jobs.

True story.

We. Love. This. Idea.

Either way, to Dan’s point, if they pull this stunt they won’t be missed.

Sorry, not sorry.


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