Thank you, Chelsea Handler, for yet another shining example of how absolutely DENSE you are about most everything.

Even Martin Luther King Day, which is a pretty simple ‘holiday’ to understand. Sadly she complicated it by implying white people are somehow responsible for today and that every white person should contemplate what it’s like not to be white.

Because of white privilege.

Would appear Chelsea missed one of the more important teachings of Dr. King’s philosophy, that being his desire that men will be judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.

She’s just not bright.

That’s another way to put it, sure.

King was looking to unite people, not segregate them by skin color, Chelsea.


Pretty sure Chelsea gets that A LOT.

Because it was insulting, and basically the opposite of what King advocated for.

Let’s not pretend Chelsea cares about being a good person, all she really cares about is scoring points against Trump.

And seriously, if MLK saw this tweet he would likely never stop throwing up.


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