Appears CNN finally figured out that Martin Luther King Jr. was actually a registered Republican so in their desperation to IGNORE that inconvenient tidbit they decided to make him a socialist hero.

What in the blue Hell are they talking about?

Socialism has never been and will never be COOL.

From CNN:

If you’re concerned about inequality, health care, climate change or even the nastiness of our political disagreements, then King has plenty to say to you. To see that version of King, though, we have to dust off the cliches and look at him anew

If you’re more familiar with your smartphone than your history, try this: Think of King not just as a civil rights hero, but also as an app — his legacy has to be updated to remain relevant.

Think of MLK as an app?

Seriously, what was this person smoking when they wrote this?

We have no idea what they’re talking about.


Socialism sucks.

End of story.

Unicorns with typewriters and mimes proofread.

But dude, it’s cool now.



He was a registered Republican.

Oh, they are trying.

To fail.

‘Nuff said.


SIGH: Sen. Tim Scott’s AWESOME tribute to #MartinLutherKing brings out the HATEFUL Left in frothy droves