Being that it’s Martin Luther King Jr. day, there are tributes to the civil rights leader all over social media, but this tweetstorm from Senator Tim Scott is easily one of the best if not THE best that we’ve seen:

Exceptional tweets from Sen. Tim Scott. Period the end.

This editor may, in fact, have needed a tissue or five after reading it.

Sadly, plenty of ugly and stupid from the Left popped up to attack the senator … because they’re ugly and stupid.

Sorry, them’s the breaks.

The white guy is telling the black guy he’s a racist of a different kind.


Someone, please tell the queen of the troglodytes to stifle, thanks.

Except MLK was a Republican, chief.

How these people can stand to look at themselves in the mirror is beyond us.

Sen. Scott isn’t a Democrat, this guy must be confused.

Full transparency, when this editor started to write this article, the focus was specifically on how kickass Scott’s tribute was, but as the writing progressed the Left made it obvious they were the sad angle worth covering here. Perhaps a little shaming will wake them up? No? Hey, had to try.


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