Welp, the Left and the media (same difference really) are both really super duper freaked out about Trump’s comments on Haiti.

Although truth be told, even though his wording lacked finesse and was a tad crass, he’s not wrong about countries like Haiti. Otherwise, why would people be working so hard to LEAVE them?

What’s hilarious is the Left is so afraid to admit he’s right about Haiti that they can’t bear to be honest about whether or not THEY’D live there.

This is not a difficult choice.

Unless you’ve got some stupid narrative to protect.

People who believe this way should feel free to immediately pack their bags and go live in Haiti.



Remember, the media all but handed Trump the presidency by covering whether or not the man passed gas or was drinking another Diet Coke. Non-stop airtime from these yahoos was a lot like they gave him campaign donations, and all because they thought their queen would beat him.

The irony.

But racist and stuff! Truuuuuuuuuuump.

What exactly is he pretending to do or be here? Matt seems distraught.

Guess Matt figured out he was wrong here because we can’t seem to find his reply to Michael.

Yup, that’s EXACTLY how this thread reads.



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