Sen. Dickie Durbin is flapping his gums for any and every media outlet that will pay him any attention over Trump’s supposed ‘sh*thole comment.’

Note, writing the word ‘sh*thole’ over and over again is tough and this editor has almost forgotten the ‘*’ a couple of times now. First world problems.

Anyway, check out this thread from T. Becket Adams where he reminds us all of Durbin’s history of making sh*tholes up:


Seems more people are interested in making themselves look good than they are in being honest with the American people. And you know Durbin couldn’t wait to get out there and cry for the little people from sh*thole countries who Trump so viciously attacked.

*eye roll*

Tapper’s story was pretty damn good.

So good in fact that people were mad at him and insisting he had defended Trump, even though all he really did was report the facts of what likely happened.

What, an agenda-serving recap from a Democrat gives you pause?

Crazy talk.

Politicians are liars.


Join the club.



DAAAMN! Jake Tapper REKT Lefties bitching at him for reporting FACTS behind Trump’s sh*thole comment

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