You know, the moment we heard about Trump’s ‘sh*thole’ comment our first thought was, ‘OMG WE CAN’T WAIT FOR SALLY KOHN TO CHIME IN!’

Ok, not really, in fact, this editor’s first thought was, ‘ZOMG HE SAID WHAT?! The Left is going to go more batsh*t than usual!’ and she grabbed a giant tub of popcorn to watch the fireworks.

But since this is Twitchy we have to cover what Sally said, so you can help us make fun of her.

We’re givers that way.

Sally says she’s been trying to be generous … k.

Oooh, she’s using a very serious image with this rant, it’s black and white and everything.

Wonder if she realized how long these big-ass images would make her tweets?


We get it, Sally, you think Trump is a racist.


Wow, this is so deep.


Unless you’re a straight, white male then Sally would prefer you just not exist, thanks.

You have to wonder if Sally even thinks about what she’s saying or writing before she says or writes it.

Others were even less impressed with her diatribe:


They’ve said far uglier things than ‘teabagger’ about people on the Right; their pearl-clutching is just virtue signaling on steroids.


Wait, what?



Editor’s note: This editor is sending a shout out to her father in law, who she knows loves it when we make fun of Sally Kohn.


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