As the rich and famous dressed all in black to raise awareness at their cute little awards show, protesters in Iran continued to fight for their freedom.

You wouldn’t know it of course because a bunch of self-centered, self-important blowhards patting themselves on the backs for playing pretend was on TV and that is clearly way more important than women standing up and saying no more to an authoritarian government.


They were busy babbling about their truth and bitching that no women had been nominated as director of best picture.

Priorities ya’ know.


And wow, that was dumb, right?

Yeah, we noticed that too. Stop treating women like sex objects, now look at this plunging neckline. Hey, they should absolutely wear what they want but it’s hard to take any of them seriously about … well, anything.

It looked like a funeral.

Which was perfect.

Virtue signaling on steroids, yup.

Even WE thought it was pretty gross, and we look at Chelsea Handler’s Twitter feed every day.


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