Poverty is sexist.

Because ya’ know, there are no men in poverty.

C’mon Hollywood, seriously?

Hrm. Wonder how much this sweater cost?



Right?! We did too.


Dude quit being sexist. Only women can be poor.


And wear a black dress while doing it because GIRL POWER.


Capitalism for the win.

Probably not.

Oh, so roughly the cost of rent for some people.

That seems legit.

From eonline.com:

Connie Britton is flexing her activist spirit at the 2018 Golden Globes.

The actress joined a bevy of stars in wearing black to support the Time’s Up initiative, but she also shined light on another organization’s mission to address gender inequality with a sweater that read “Poverty is Sexist” in a white cursive font. A nod to Bono’s ONE Campaign movement of the same name, #PovertyIsSexist seeks to level the playing field for women and men in economically disadvantaged communities.

Yeah, that’ll put some food on those tables, Connie. Now go pat yourself on the back for making a difference.

These people.


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