Seems the Left has found their poster girl in Oprah.

Then again, she’s been making noise politically for years (remember she played a YUGE part in helping get Obama elected), but for the first time, our sparkly unicorn friends on the Left are openly talking about ‘the Oprah’ as president.

Because she spoke her truth and stuff.

But what if your truth is just a bunch of BS?

Asking for a friend. *eye roll*

Dana Loesch had the same reaction we did, she just put is much more eloquently.

This notion that truth can change depending on the person who is telling it is what happened to journalism in this country. Granted, each person has their own STORY, and we think that’s what Oprah is trying to say, but using the words ‘own truth’ is seriously misleading and even damaging.

Almost as weird as watching a bunch of Hollywood elites pretending that wearing black somehow makes up for the years and years they spent doing nothing about the many, many predators in their ranks.

That they knew about.

The Golden Globes looked like a funeral, and no, the irony was not lost on us.

Wouldn’t count on it.


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