When Ron Perlman isn’t breaking down over a photo of Donald Trump in an airport (true story), he seems to sit on Twitter melting down over Sarah Sanders. Tell you what, for being the so-called party of women, the Left sure is NASTY to women who do not fall within their political narrative.

It’s honestly like none of these people have been paying attention to politics for at least eight years. Perhaps it didn’t bother them when Earnest would lie to America because his lies supported their ideals.

Earnest was also a man.

Interesting how these people behave with a woman in that role:

Maybe Ron missed it, but the people she’s showing disdain for show her the same amount of disdain if not more.

It’s also hilarious to see him complaining about having to pay her salary; he seems upset.

And let’s not pretend this is the first time he’s said horrible things about Sanders:

Imagine how angry Ron would be if Republicans treated a female press secretary under a Democratic president this way? Oh wait, Democrats don’t traditionally give this job to women …

And with behavior from the Left like this, we’re starting to understand why:


We disagree.

Which still beats a female Hillary Clinton – funny how that works out.



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