Yesterday, Dan Arel (yeah, we’ve never really heard of him either except to make fun of him) took it upon himself to make some smarmy, ugly attack on Erick Erickson, and Adam Baldwin took issue with said attack and dropped the mic on him.

Would appear Mr. Arel didn’t like anyone claiming a mic had been dropped on him though:

This guy.

And PLEASE with this argument that somehow Republicans magically became the racist Democrats overnight sometime after the Civil War. What was there some sort of hateful racist unicorn dust they sprinkled on Republicans that made them completely change their minds on why they founded their party in the first place?

Adam was more than happy to oblige with a MIC DROP x2:

We’re going to say all three.


Dan, dude. Walk away.

Unexpectedly indeed.

He’s adorbs.

Dan needs to believe that Republicans are horrible racists to support his narrative.

That doesn’t mean Dan is right though.

Hey, that was our line!


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