Attorney General Jeff Sessions is setting his sights on marijuana today:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has rescinded an Obama-era policy that paved the way for legalized marijuana to flourish in states across the country, creating new confusion about enforcement and use just three days after a new legalization law went into effect in California.

President Donald Trump’s top law enforcement official announced the change Thursday. Instead of the previous lenient-federal-enforcement policy, Sessions’ new stance will instead let federal prosecutors where marijuana is legal decide how aggressively to enforce longstanding federal law prohibiting it.

Sessions rescinded the policy by president Barack Obama’s Justice Department that has generally barred federal law enforcement officials from interfering with marijuana sales in states where the drug is legal.

“In deciding which marijuana activities to prosecute under these laws with the Department’s finite resources, prosecutors should follow the well-established principles that govern all federal prosecutions,” by considering the seriousness of the crime and its impact on the community, Sessions wrote in a one-page memo to the nation’s federal prosecutors.

Erick Erickson, for what it’s worth, is defending Jeff Sessions’ actions:

You may or may not agree with Erickson. Leftist activist, author, and “award-winning journalist” Dan Arel clearly doesn’t, but he decided to register his disagreement not with a thoughtful rebuttal, but by taking a nasty, below-the-belt swipe at Erickson:

No doubt Arel thought that jab was pretty clever. He thought wrong.

Actor Adam Baldwin saw an opportunity to put Arel in his place, and he seized it — in glorious fashion:

Mic. Drop.