Maybe the media will finally figure out they can’t keep comparing Obama to Trump with the Iran situation because ultimately it just makes Obama look like an emasculated do-nothing who enabled a terrorist regime by giving them palettes of money.

Sarah Sanders laid down the law:

From ABC News:

The White House is expressing support for protesters demonstrating against the Iranian government, but is stopping short of calling for regime change.

Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Tuesday called the protests an “organic popular uprising organized by brave Iranian citizens.” She says the international community “cannot sit silent” as those demonstrating are met with violence.

Sanders says: “The United States supports the Iranian people and we call on the regime to respect its citizens’ basic right to peacefully express their desire for change.”

Asked whether the ultimate goal is for Iran’s Islamist government to be replaced, Sanders said the U.S. hopes Iran begins to respect the rights of its people and ends its support for terrorist groups.

Can you say BOOM?

If not, we’ll say it for you.


And of course, since Sarah dropped the mic, the Left went into full freakout attack mode (gotta protect their king’s legacy ya’ know):

Blah blah blah Russia, blah blah blah.

Don’cha love how the tolerant Left treats Sarah?

Just means she’s getting under their skin (and we kinda sorta love it).

Why would Germany get involved in the lame protests the glitter vagina club keeps putting on?

Perhaps these yahoos missed it, but Iran is actually protesting for something REAL, they’re not just having a bitchfest about Trump and whining about women having to pay for their own birth control.

What did Obama do? Oh, that’s right, he enabled and empowered the Mullahs and the authoritarian regime.

Our bad.


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