For nearly a week, the Left and the media (same difference?) have been oddly quiet on the protests in Iran; some news outlets have gone as far as to report on the handful of protesters supporting Iran’s govt (looking at you, CNN).

Piers Morgan called the media and politicians out:

And he’s absolutely right – if Trump was the leader of Iran, the Left would be shaking their fists and supporting the Iranians protesting for their freedom. But instead, they’re busy pretending the protests here in America (you know, the ones with the glitter and posters) are as important as what is happening in Iran.

Because they’re stupid.

The Women’s March is such a joke.

And speaking of being a joke, the Left was front and center on Piers’ tweet defending their honor or whatever:


Who was it that empowered a nuclear Iran? Hrm.

The stupid. It burns.

These people.

Piers is asking for people to support Iranians fighting for their freedom, and all the Left can do is hurl personal attacks at him.

And at Trump.

And at the USA.

How very typical.


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