Seems the New York Times has a new publisher who sent out a ‘note’ claiming to have a renewed commitment to all shades of opinion.

There’s one MAJOR problem with their claim though, as Brit Hume so eloquently illustrated in this tweet:

How the heck can they have a commitment to all shades of opinion when their opinions all seem to be the same and none of them are positive or supportive of the president? Perhaps they are referring to various shades of progressive opinion?

From the New York Times:

The Times will continue to search for the most important stories of our era with curiosity, courage and empathy — because we believe that improving the world starts with understanding it. The Times will continue to resist polarization and groupthink by giving voice to the breadth of ideas and experiences — because we believe journalism should help people think for themselves. The Times will hold itself to the highest standards of independence, rigor and fairness — because we believe trust is the most precious asset we have. The Times will do all of this without fear or favor — because we believe truth should be pursued wherever it leads.

Unless of course, that truth goes against their preferred narrative.

Fair enough, but:



Because Democrats don’t want balance, they only want compliance with their agenda.

That may actually be their new byline.

They’re going to TRY.


Excellent point. Far too many in the media see themselves as heroes fighting for the truth, even when that truth has been proven false. When you have journos claiming they’re like firefighters running into burning buildings you know the media, in general, is past due for an enema.


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