Representative Steve Cohen may well be one of the grossest Democrats in Congress, and that says a LOT. Granted, he blocked this editor months ago (she can’t remember why) so most of his drivel goes unnoticed but THIS hot dumpster of ugly managed to make it across her timeline.

C’mon Cohen, kids are off limits.

And seriously, since when does a Democrat give two craps about reading or going to church with family? This guy’s Trump Derangement Syndrome is through the ROOF.

He’s a Democrat.

Umm … the tweet is right in front of everyone, so no, this is not fake news.

Well, when Obama ignored his kids it was because he was busy keeping the oceans from rising or something; but it Trump golfs without his son apparently that makes him a bad parent.

*eye roll*

Pretty sure Cohen is clueless about shame.

Even some Democrats took issue with Cohen’s tweet:


The answer is yes, yes he could be a bigger jerk.

The reality is Cohen wanted to take a cheap shot at Trump and is a small enough person to use his son to do so.

Whatever happened to them, ‘going high?’


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