Neil deGrasse Tyson, in his infinite wisdom, decided to make lame commentary on New Year’s Day and the Gregorian Calendar … even though nobody asked.

Well, thanks for that, Mr. Spoils Everything Because He Can; next he’ll tell us how meaningless other holidays are because of science and stuff.

You know Neil is a real hoot at birthday parties.

Wait, there is no Vitamin C in New Year’s Day!? Well then, we should immediately halt celebrating the holiday then.

That makes about as much sense as Neil’s take on it.

Even though nobody asked, Neil still felt it necessary to answer.


Hateboner. *snort*

Full transparency, we didn’t realize Neil does this lame joke every year but we can still see how this could be exceptionally tiresome.

Ouch and bingo.

That’s asking a lot considering condescending is the cornerstone of each and every tweet Neil sends.

Just leave it alone, Neil. Seriously.

Heh, we see what she did there.

Yes, his ego is massive.

And predictable.

Notice this tweet from Neontaster was sent on Christmas day, so either Neon is psychic or Neil is truly just that predictable.


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