As we approach the end of 2017, Chelsea Handler took it upon herself to tweet out this very DEEP and MEANINGFUL story from Politico about how everyone needs to understand more about what it feels like to be oppressed.

She’s so edgy.

She’s so in touch with her fellow man.

She’s so full of IT.

Ugh, what a sanctimonious piece of claptrap – a true dumpster of stupid. Seriously, save yourself the click.

As you can imagine, people were less than impressed with Chelsea’s attempt at making them think deep thoughts on New Year’s Eve about crap they hear about 24/7 from people just like her.

Does she honestly believe people aren’t aware of oppression after spending the last year hearing the Left insist they are oppressed because Hillary lost the election?

Chelsea. Lecture less, smile more.

Oh no he di’int.

But she wants to make sure everyone ELSE is aware of how they oppress people and stuff.

Awww, she gave SO MUCH to people in need this year.

Gosh, someone pat Chelsea on the back and seriously, who deserves to treat themselves more than a Hollywood elitist hosebag lecturing middle America on how they oppress people too much.

Ouch, we just rolled our eyes so far back in our heads we saw all the way to Canada …


Chelsea’s got WHITE PRIVILEGE coming out of her ears.

Wait, isn’t that how this whole white privilege thing works?

It’s so confusing.

Guess not.

Seems giving so much money to oppressed people made her extra cranky this holiday season.


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