Kurt Eichenwald should really STOP having thoughts, just saying.

Seems Mr. Eichenwald thinks he has a winning strategy for the 2020 election that will also eviscerate Fox News.

Or something.

We kinda sorta giggled when we read this tweet out loud considering in one ‘tweet breath’ Eichenwald is looking for unity and in the next, he’s looking for ways to destroy Fox News.

Progressives. *eye roll*

He can’t help himself.



Twitter is HARD.

Actually, Kurt only used 287 of the allotted 280 characters so … he’s not being exactly truthful here.

Yes, we’re petty.

And it appears Democrats are less than impressed with Kurt’s STRATEGERY!

WHOOHOO, thank you third party!

C’mon Democrats, Kurt is onto something.

Seriously. Go with his plan and you all will totally eviscerate Fox News AND the GOP.


Editor’s note: No tentacle porn was harmed during the writing of this Kurt Eichenwald piece.


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