President Trump wished his friends, supporters, enemies, haters and even the very dishonest fake news media a Happy New Year …

Which of course triggered the biggest batch of stupid we’ve seen in a long while:

How festive.

Someone needs a nap.

Oops, ‘scuse us, we just threw up in our mouths a little.

Russia! Bots! ELEVENTY!

2017 will surely go down as the dumbest year, yet.

Good luck with that, tater.

How rude.

Despicable. Disgrace.

Pretty sure that means Trump’s tweet did EXACTLY what he wanted it to, then.

Because Obama worked SO HARD to unify us all, right? What did he say about bringing a knife to a gunfight?

For goodness sake. Wow, things just got real up in here.

Just a thought, maybe if people stopped being so outraged by these tweets he’d send less of them?

But hey, what do we know?

No one really believes your MOM.

Wait, that doesn’t work.

Our bad.


Man, Twitter will verify anybody.



That’s hilarious.

Damn, these people are so mean.


Who is this guy again?

Say what you will about the president, but the man KNOWS how to get a reaction.

Happy New Year, Mr. President.


Umm NO: Lib author Tomlinson claims Clarke’s CNN meme threatened HIM TOO, there’s just 1 problem