Man oh man, this tweet from Sheriff David Clarke really freaked the Left out. Granted, these folks seem to be in a constant state of freakout so it’s difficult to tell for sure when something really bothers them, but this Clarke tweet definitely got under their skin.

As far as tweets go it’s not all that creative or thought-provoking (and c’mon with the CAPS, man) but for some reason, Lefties lost their proverbial shiznit over the tweet, including nobody Liberal author, Patrick S. Tomlinson.

Yeah, we don’t really know who he is either except that he’s really fun to mock and poke fun at.

Members of the media like himself?

Who is he again?

Look at me, look at me!

Uh-oh, someone’s insecure.

Oddly enough it seems Tomlinson DOES care because he’s sure going on and on about it.




Tough guys who have to tell you they’re tough aren’t tough, just sayin’.

Poor Pat.


Ok, maybe not, but he likes to pretend he is.

Sensitive little fella.

Nope, but he has blocked the editor of this piece.

She’s SUCH a meanie.

‘Nuff said.


Director Judd Apatow wants David Clarke banned for pretend-wrestling CNN’s logo