Full transparency, we spent nearly a half hour reading through Eric Garland’s timeline and still can’t exactly figure out what he’s so pissed off about BUT we thought the meltdown was entertaining enough to cover.

So in other words, don’t expect to have any clue what Eric is rambling on about, just point and laugh like we did.

Ok, here he seems like he’s angry about the Resistance not resisting the right way, although to be honest we didn’t realize there was a way to resist, but what do we know. And Russia!

Huh? Is the answer chicken? Because you know, everything tastes like chicken.

Folks, just keep your hands away from his mouth.

Right, so it sounds like Garland was doxed? Again, can’t really make much sense of what’s going on here.


Ok, he’s upset about Louise Mensch now? What, did she try and fire him very publicly on Twitter like she did her attorney?

That was hilarious.

Dilly dilly! Wait, what?

Back to Russia.

Mental health dodge. Hrm.

Awwww, it seems this is the guy who set Garland off.

*cat fight*

Don’t look at us.


Yeah, we still have no clue what’s going on here but it’s entertaining, right?

NOW it’s the media!

We searched and couldn’t find a swarm of anything or anyone attacking Garland but what do we know?

Burn media burn!




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