When Paul Nehlen isn’t busy calling Jews pedophiles or telling them to eat a bullet (both of which he’s done recently on Twitter), apparently he’s having dreams about white power.


Dude, c’mon.


Ok, so we’ve all had dreams that inspired us in some way to do something while we’re awake, but if a dream inspires you to make some bizarrely creepy white power meme and tweet it to thousands of people it MIGHT be time to put the Twitter down.

Seems Jonah Goldberg may agree with us …

Don’t worry, Jonah. Most of us knew how ridiculous and awful he was LAST year when Paul Ryan spanked him in Wisconsin by 70+ points in the primary.


Losing that badly to Paul Ryan may have actually broken him. That or he’s trying desperately to appeal to white power creeps and Nazi thugs … which still won’t win him an election.

Not to mention Jesus was a Jew.

And to think, Twitter is still a free website.


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