A few days back, Twitchy reported on several bizarre and extremely inappropriate attack-tweets Rosie O’Donnell sent to Ben Shapiro after he mocked her for trying to publicly bribe senators to vote against the GOP Tax Bill.

Guess she didn’t want millions of Americans to get a tax break.


Anyway, after Ben reported her tweets, Twitter originally stated she had no broken any TOS.

Again, Typical.

But now it seems Twitter has had second thoughts about Rosie’s targeted harassment:

Color us shocked.

Her fans (yes, she has a few) were upset with Ben because he reported her.

Gosh, Rosie seemed upset as well.

So upset in fact that she shared a screenshot of her interaction with Twitter Support:

All behind her comfy block of Ben.

And serious yikes, after the lewd comments Rosie made to Ben, perhaps insinuating that he’s 12 wasn’t a smart move.

It’s seriously like Rosie never figured out how adults behave; like so many other progressives.

Keep in mind, many others would have been suspended or completely have lost their accounts if they had spoken to Rosie in this manner, and she only had to delete tweets.

Be better, Twitter.

Heck, be better Rosie.


SHOCKER: Twitter is perfectly cool with Rosie O’Donnell telling Ben Shapiro to suck her d*ck