Earlier this week, Andy Ostroy (yeah, we’d never heard of him either but Twitter thought enough of him to verify him), made some racist comments about Senator Tim Scott around the signing of the GOP Tax Bill. He didn’t know who the senator was and implied that Republicans picked some ‘black guy’ to stand in front so they wouldn’t look like racists.

Tim Scott DECIMATED this guy so badly he SORT of apologized, which went over like a sack of wet flour at the bottom of the ocean.

And here Ostroy is once again trying to prove he’s not a racist … by being a racist.


Racist racist something or other.

Good talk.

Someone hand this guy a shovel because he just keeps DIGGING.

But Trump?

This ain’t rocket science, Andy.

He blocks people because he prefers a safe, echo chamber.

Like any other progressive douche weasel.

And accepting the things he can’t change and giving him the courage to change the things he can or something, right?

Oh we’re sure he does.


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