Watching Democrats trying to save face after Republicans passed sweeping legislation that will put money back into the pockets of 80% of Americans has been incredibly entertaining. They’ve spent YEARS accusing the GOP of only caring about the uber rich, and the tax plan that was passed yesterday proved otherwise.

Keep in mind, Democrats knew how many people would be getting a tax cut, and not one of them voted yes.

Simply put, every Democrat voted against Americans keeping more of their own money, never forget that.

Especially in 2018.

From TownHall:

Every Democratic official and candidate should be grilled and pressured by Hayes and friends to vow unequivocally that they’ll never vote against extending or making permanent the GOP’s tax cuts for the middle class.  Will they do so, on the record?  And will liberal journalists and commentators ask those questions?  Or is this just a cynical way to bludgeon the Republican plan by people who are well aware that most average voters don’t know about the budget rule constraints that prevented the GOP from making the new individual rates permanent — and who are willing to willfully pretend that a magical desire to raise middle-class taxes (heretofore absolute anathema to both parties) will unexpectedly take hold in 2027?

Can you imagine being so partisan that you vote against Americans being more successful? Or being so bitter that you can’t vote to support making American industry more competitive around the globe which will also make Americans more successful?

And wow, why don’t they want to grow the economy?

Yeah, those were all rhetorical questions … Dems. *smh*

Umm …

Nice try, Terry.

Seriously people, if you have questions, doubts or concerns about the tax plan, visit Guy Benson’s timeline or read his work on TownHall, we have yet to find a better source for factually based writing on it.

Hard to argue with Americans keeping more of their own money.

That doesn’t mean Democrats won’t keep trying though.

Let’s hope they run on raising taxes next year. Heh.


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