When Republicans passed tax cuts for literally MILLIONS OF PEOPLE, and multiple “evil” corporations were announcing raises and bonuses for their employees, haters like Joy Reid were working overtime to pretend these were horrible things and that it was a PR stunt.

Guess they’re trying to save face after spending a full year bitching and moaning about how Trump and the GOP only care about rich people.

Look at this stupid:

Joy. Put the Twitter down, Joy.

And we thought Ebenezer Scrooge was a crabby ass.

From her tweet, you’d think the GOP had just raised taxes and corporations were going to fire a bunch of people; of course, that’s what happens when Democrats are in power but you catch our drift.

Everything the GOP does in Joy’s mind is bad, even when it’s excellent.

So many bodies in the streets, killed by tax cuts, raises and bonuses!


Oh, and if you thought Joy’s first tweet was looney tunes, check out her follow up:

NEVER do what Kurt Eichenwald does.


The guy is famous for suing a kid who sent him an animated gif on Twitter and for his supposed interest in tentacle porn.

No, we’re not making this up.

We’ll pass too.

Both Joy and Kurt should absolutely write a check.

And don’t take screenshots of your desktop with a tab about tentacle porn open either.


It’s all she knows.

Don’t feel bad, he blocked us too.

Very, very wise.



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