It’s hard to imagine how dark someone’s soul must be to claim Americans receiving tax cuts was a horrible day for America. Then again, if you spend any time on Chelsea Handler’s timeline you learn very quickly just how dark she really is. Whether she’s attacking Sarah Sanders’ looks (because FEMINISM!) or making gross comments about Donald Trump’s kids, she seems to be a fairly horrible human being.

Yes, she’s very upset that 80% of Americans will be robbed by the Federal Government just a little bit less for a while. Keep in mind she’d be filled with joy if these cuts had come under Obama … Democrats cutting taxes, OMG we made a funny!

C’mon Chelsea, lighten up.

That one where people get to keep more of their own money. That seems to have really pissed her off.

Maybe we should start a GoFundMe to support her in these efforts.

See, we’re helpers!

It was AWESOME! Unless you’re a joyless dreg who would rather the country fail than actually admit Trump or any Republican can do something right.

You know this tweet made her eye twitch.

Exactly. And then any tax cuts Chelsea receives, she should immediately write a check in that amount and send it back to the IRS.

As you can see, Conservatives took great joy in mocking Chelsea’s pain.

It was like icing on a wonderful, tax-cut cake.

Talk about an early Christmas!


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