You ever have one of those days where you read through a ton of tweets from SJWs, and just when you think you’ve seen the most hysterical, emotionally-reactive tweets out there you come across a special, hot-garbage dumpster of stupid?

Because yeah, that’s this tweet from Amy Siskind.

Sheesh, Twitter loves to verify these screechy types, don’t they?

Luckily they also verified James Woods:


But wait, we thought it was the GOP Tax Bill that was going to kill us all? Repealing Net Neutrality? Surely by the time the Earth explodes because we drive too many SUVs and eat meat, Republicans would have already doomed the entire population.

Imagine being so delicate that everytime something you disagreed with passed at a national level you went full-blown crazy and insisted it was going to kill everyone.

She’s super classy, right?

Decaf folks, try it.

And seriously, what a pathetic (yet) typical comeback from a weak, thoughtless SJW.

Awww, so THAT’S their secret.


Isn’t it interesting how these progressive types think Trump is trying to hurt them by giving them more of their inherent freedoms back?

No one ever said they were all that bright.


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