Adam Baldwin has a challenge for Jimmy Kimmel …

In other words, put your money where our mouth is, Kimmel. Heck, make it a Pay Per View and donate any monies collected to kids who need medical care. Right? C’MON MAN.


Which is what makes this so damn funny. Kimmel talked tough when Shapiro wasn’t around, but when an actual challenge is made … crickets.

Ben Shapiro is definitely the Brock Lesner of the political word. Two men go into the ring and one gets carried out, every time.

That’s WHY we’d watch it.

Granted, WE wouldn’t debate Ben Shapiro, but we’re also not dumb enough to talk trash about how we’re fearless of him either.

If he agreed to it, he would definitely need a prop or two; and clearly, he’s fine using his young child to score political points.

C’mon Santa!


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