The latest argument the gun control harpies have come up with is that somehow the Second Amendment was originally written to control guns, not to ensure that Americans had the right to bare them.

No, we’re not making this up.

Joe Walsh tried to explain the basics of the second:

The Founding Fathers had just gone to war with their king for their freedom, so of course, they wanted to make sure that if in the future their new government grew out of control that the people weren’t helpless against them.

But Andy Richter doesn’t history much:

Another day, another stupid Andy Richter tweet.

Guess Andy doesn’t understand who Americans were fighting in the Revolutionary War.

*eye roll*

And cut down on the crazy juice.

History is not Andy’s strong point.


Super skeery!


Andy thinks everyone else thinks like him, except those redneck hillbillies who love their guns, and that everyone loves big government because he does. So the notion that troops might fight against an overreaching and evil government doesn’t register in his thick skull.

But guns are bad, m’kay.

Something like that.


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