One of the reasons Donald Trump won the election was because everyday Americans were sick and tired of smug, elitists talking down to them and treating them as if they were stupid for disagreeing with their politics.

Like this blue-check-nobody who had the nerve to diss a truck driver as an idiot because he didn’t like Obamacare:

So Roland is claiming that since the truck driver realizes how much he spent on basically being sick ONCE that makes him an idiot?

What an ass.

That’s what they do, they sneer at people. Excellent choice of word that fully encompasses their snotty attitudes about people they think are less than.

Obamacare is milking people, that’s what he’s angry about. And rightfully so.

BINGO. But he should tell us more about how the truck driver is an idiot, right?

This sarcasm likely went right over Roland’s tiny head.

Oh, we’re pretty sure Roland knows. He just doesn’t care.

Wonder if Roland realizes that everything he uses every day likely made it’s way to him because of a truck driver.

Roland really stepped in it.

They will eventually re-elect Donald Trump with these attitudes, that is the funniest part of all when it comes to these temper tantrums.

Trump says thanks, Roland.


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