Andy Richter is one of those Tweeps where he can say something really stupid and two days later people are still making fun of him. We’re not sure if that’s a gift or a curse, but it definitely makes for some fun Twitchy articles.

His latest attempt at being a self-hating white guy pandering to women and minorities was tweeted after Roy Moore lost the election on Tuesday and it was rumored that Moore wouldn’t concede:

“A certain kind of white man, having grown used to creating realities of his liking, when confronted with a reality not to his liking tantrums like a GD baby.”


The most stubborn of all candidates refusing to accept election results is absolutely white, but not a man.

People are still calling her their president, but tell us more about how white men are GD babies who refuse to accept realities they don’t like.

He needed to add in some pink vagina hats to really describe the ‘resistance’ movement, but close.

Oh yeah, forgot about that white guy.

Andy got a tad bit defensive when people pointed out he was actually describing Hillary Clinton and Al Gore.

Says the lab rate.

Isn’t he adorable?

‘Nuff said.


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