President Trump wished Omarosa well yesterday on Twitter after she left his administration.

This is of course not the first time Trump has ‘said his goodbyes’ to other members of his former administration on Twitter, but leave it to CNN’s Chris Cuomo to try and read more into it than there really is.

Interesting. Nice way to use question marks so he’s not necessarily claiming these things are necessarily true BUT it’s a way for him to imply as such and get people to watch his lame show.


And then Cuomo doubled down (which you knew he would):

FORGET how annoying it is to try and cover someone who only responds to people in quote-tweets (likely to show off for his followers and fans), but c’mon man. This has been debunked not only by other media resources but by the Secret Service ITSELF.


So yeah, Cuomo in true CNN fashion pushed more ‘fake news’.

You’d think the way he whined about people using that phrase (remember when he likened it to using the n-word?) that he would try harder not to promote false stories like this.

But eh, fake news is gonna fake news.