Third wave feminism is awful.

As evidenced by Chelsea Handler and her ridiculous and continued TARGETED harassment of Sarah Sanders. This isn’t about calling Sanders out for disagreeing with her points or ideas, or even how she does her job. Chelsea bullies Sarah on a daily basis and picks on the way she looks.

Like any other mean girl in high school.

And what’s even worse is she seems to feel vindicated in doing it.

Says the bully.

Wouldn’t count on that apology anytime soon, chief.

You know who’s really pure evil, Chelsea? Get a mirror.

And we love that Dana Loesch has had ENOUGH and let Chelsea have it …



Chelsea is no great looker in the first place, but her anger, bitterness, and hatred on the inside are making her even uglier on the outside.

Especially not some hateful hyena who pretends to be feminist supporting other women.

Nothing to feel badly about at all, Dana.

She’s awful and the worst sort of bully.

And someone needed to say it.


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