Twitter is forever. Or at least it seems certain tweets just never really go away. And as everyone in social media has been so fond of saying lately, there is a Donald Trump tweet for EVERY occasion.

This tweet, however, from November of 2012 is very telling.

Now full transparency, we can’t find the tweet from Handler asking Trump to be on her show, but there definitely seems to be some sort of gripe between the two even way back when.

Women can hold a grudge forever and this editor knows this for a fact.

Except we can’t find her tweet which is a real bummer. Either way though, you know when she sees this five-year-old tweet being covered she’s not going to be a happy camper.

Which really isn’t all that different from her usual tweets these days.

Check out her latest screechings at the president:

She seems angry, no?

This one was the next day…

What the Hell is fake hair coming out of someone’s mouth? Biggeat hypocrite?

She may be a tad bit more coherent than Keith, but just a tad.

And she wonders why we make fun of her.


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