Oh, George. Perhaps it would be wise for someone to remind Takei of the old saying, ‘Don’t start none, won’t be none.’ Forget that this story was all but debunked, but tagging Donald Trump Jr. with some sort of edgy dig to impress his followers was serious weaksauce.



Brutal. Trump Jr. basically handed Takei’s ass to him on Twitter.

We get it, George. Like every other member of the so-called Resistance, he desperately wants there to be some legit excuse to impeach Trump (because they may have finally figured out hating the guy wasn’t enough), but like everything else this turned out to be another nothingburger.

They have become experts at being the boy who cried wolf.

Spending a lot of time in warp speed might eventually have warped his mind.

Yeah, cringe-worthy.

Donald Trump Jr. should really thank Takei for this one, George all but buried himself.


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