Hillary seems triggered by the GOP. Merry Christmas early!

The most unlikable and unpopular candidate in MODERN HISTORY took to Twitter yesterday to screech and complain about the GOP because let’s face it, what else does she have to do these days.

We? Who’s this ‘we,’ Hillary? You lost … to the most unpopular candidate in the GOP’s history, so just simmer down and watch Wheel of Fortune or something.

Maybe her foundation should write a check or two?

You’ll have to forgive us if we don’t take the pro-abortion queen seriously when she starts crying we should do this FOR THE CHILDREN.

A giveaway? A GIVEAWAY?! You mean they agreed to rob the people who pay for EVERYTHING a little bit less? And sorry but who the Hell is Hillary to decide what people do and don’t need?

Even if you don’t like Trump you’ve GOTTA be glad this woman is not our president.



Hey Grammy, the kids in Haiti are wondering when you’ll find the time and money to send them a check.

Surreal times. People getting to keep more of the money they earn is somehow surreal.

Then again, Hillary is a Democrat.

And speaking of Democrats, even THEY seem to be getting sick of her:

Nope. But nobody tell them.

Every chance she gets? Wouldn’t that be like every hour of every day since she has zero to do otherwise?



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