You knew this was going to happen. Al Franken dramatically resigned and now the Democrats are acting like he’s some sort of HERO who took the high road and that they are the party of self-sacrifice because they gave up one of their own.

They WORK and the slave, and WHAT THANKS DO THEY GET!

S. E. Cupp had some words to say about the Franken situation, specifically the speech:

Because they’re progressives and all that matters to them is their agenda.

Which is funny when you think about it because they pretend their agenda is about helping people.

Don’cha love it when the party of women talks about how Leeann’s skirt was too short?

Only if they’re accusing a Democrat.

You know what we weren’t impressed with? Franken’s self-serving, whiny speech and all of the female senators who told him to resign hugging him and crying.

Notice they’re attacking another survivor to defend Franken; we’re sensing a pattern here.

A few reflections on his career of sexually assaulting women? K.

Franken was served up on a platter so Democrats could use him to campaign in 2018. It’s painfully obvious. For weeks, senators like Gillibrand and Warren avoided answering questions about whether or not Franken should resign, and then suddenly they decided HE NEEDED TO GO.

They all took to Twitter to call him out; honestly, we’re shocked Franken didn’t call THEM out in his resignation speech but hey, priorities, right?

Say what?


The only women who want justice for other women must be victims as well? For real?

Mic. EFFING. Drop.


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