Mark Levin knew from ‘day one’ that Mueller was being tapped to find a way to ‘impeach Trump.’

From Conservative Review:

Levin called it from the start — literally right after Trump’s election victory for president.

“They are plotting right now, mark my words. They are plotting right now, trying to figure out ways to bring down this administration, even before the week is over,” Levin said in November 2016.

Over a year ago.

Levin called it.

He may well be.

Democrats will tell you that you’re a propagandist or accuse you of wearing tinfoil on your head if you believe something stinks with this investigation and with Mueller. Of course, these are the same people who believe Russians swooped into America and magically stopped Hillary from going to Wisconsin during her campaign.

Nothing really surprises us anymore when it comes to the Left.

Yes, we’ve grown cynical.

And … we can’t EVEN with that visual.


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