As more and more ‘news’ comes out about Comey, Mueller and the FBI, it’s becoming abundantly clear that there’s something rotten in the state of Denmark. Well, in Washington D.C. but the original quote is funnier … yeah, never mind.

Tucker Carlson called them out PERFECTLY:

You’d have to be deliberately ignoring the news to think otherwise.

Of course, that’s the Left’s specialty, ignoring facts and sticking with their narrative.

Seems Rosie is up bright and early.

So is she saying the FBI is above the law?

The whole situation is absolutely ridiculous, and it has nothing to do with any sort of Trump coma.

And speaking of absurd, mindless propaganda.

Notice they shame Tucker for his ‘conspiracy theory’ around the FBI and then go full-throttle into their own conspiracy theory on Trump. They’ve been preening on about Russia for months and months and they have the nerve to call Tucker a propagandist?


Clowns. That’s cute.

Well gosh, if he says so. Doesn’t that blue check make him like super important or something on Twitter?



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