When will progressive men learn not to mess with Dana Loesch? Or any Conservative woman for that matter.

It never ends well for them.

And then they block us all. BECAUSE BRAVE.

Well gosh, Charles, this is sorta harsh.

And who is he to decide what is right and what is wrong?

By the way, Charles not only blocked Dana, but has this editor blocked and Twitchy as a whole blocked as well.

Because you know, we’re so scary and stuff. *psst, we’ll still find the tweets*

Talk about living in a bubble.

Calling total and complete bullsh*t here, Marcus. Liberals want an equal society for people who agree with them. The rest of us are free to suffer and be unequal.

Look at how he treated Dana – THAT’S equality?

And another block.

Oh, by the way, Marcus also has this editor and Twitchy blocked as well.

Double bubble?

For not caring, Eric sure pays a lot of attention to Dana and talks a lot of trash behind a block.

Ever notice that? Progressive men are super brave talking smack at Conservative women, behind a block.

Tough guys the lot of ’em.


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