The day James Comey decided to actually tweet Twitchy did a little fist-pump, NOT because he would be sharing any nuggets of wisdom, but because we knew there would be an abundance of stupid to cover on his timeline.

For example:

Wow, this is so deep, James.

A free press is important to liberty? No kidding? Gosh, who’da thunk it.


Pretty sure Comey wasn’t expecting that BURN from Benghazi hero, Kris Paronto, but he sure as Hell had it comin’.

Leftists are big whiny babies who think they should run the media and dictate to people what they believe.

It’s damned annoying.

*cough cough the Obama administration cough cough*

And let’s be honest, calling out the media for being leftist-biased douche wagons is far from harming liberty, unlike Comey failing to do his job because of politics.



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