As if we needed more proof that giving anyone 280 characters was a bad idea, let alone Cher.

We suggest you hold your device a bit further from your face or scoot back from your monitor before reading these crazy, caps-lock filled emoji nightmare tweets on the GOP tax plan from Cher.

Tax plan will kill Americans.


Oh, and odds on whether or not Cher owns a private plane? Maybe someone should just point out to her that she’s more than welcome to write an extra check and pay more in taxes if she’s so worried about it.

Our favorite part of this tweet is how she tells people to protest and put Twitter, Instagram and Facebook down … as she tweets. She’s adorable, right?

Sorry, you’re going to have to use more capital letters and emoji if you want Cher to understand what you’re tweeting.

Gosh Cher, seems Americans are getting tired of you privileged has-beens lecturing them on what to believe and how to think. Who’da thunk?

Be nice, she could break a hip.


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